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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
The Cider Painters of America is a group of art lovers who share their ideas through Miniature Art. It began locally in Pennsylvania and has grown to a national level. We have members in other countries too.

Who are the "Cider" Painters?
The C.P.A. is a tribute to the Whiskey Painters of America and the Scotch and Watercolor Society, serious artists with light hearted outlooks. Since most of the original founders were "teetotalers", we decided the Cider.

What is a Cider Painting?
It is a piece of artwork painted smaller than 3" x 5" in size. We measure it actual painting boundaries, not by square inches.

Do you only accept 2-Dimensional painted media?
In 2021 we added two new categories to our media division. One is Graphite pencil. The second is sculpture. We are growing to accomodate interest in our organization. Currently we accept most types of media except those in computer fields.

Do artists paint with actual Cider?
Sometimes, but we prefer to drink it.

How does one become a Cider Painter?
The Cider Painters of America is an invitation only organization. A present member must invite you. Each year a current member is allowed to invite one person to join. Once you are a member, you may continue with us as long as your dues are paid.

How much are dues?
$20.00 for the first year and $18.00 each renewing year. Our year goes from January to the end of December.

What does one get for their money?
A.  An excellent newsletter giving information, ideas, tips, and happenings about and from other members across the country and abroad.
B.  Opportunities to exhibit and sell in local and national shows held by the Cider Painters of America.
C.  The opportunity to attend chapter meetings and demonstrations usually held monthly (depending on the area you are from).
D.  The intangible satisfaction of supporting and sharing with fellow artists their talents and ideas.
E.  Website-Sharing News!!

What if I want to join and don't know a member?
Some members return their annual invitation to our headquarters so someone who is interested may join. If you contact out headquarters you may find an invitation ready for you to use.

Contact the Cider Painters of America at

Cider Painters of America
PO Box 625
Dallas, PA 18612

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